Men are increasingly in crisis.
Addiction, suicide and a pervading sense of purposeless haunt the modern man.
Where once men strived to escape the restrictive 1950’s notion of the robotic man without feelings, independence of thought and courage of mind, now men struggle with the opposite problem: relentless sentimentality, constrained progressive ideologies of ‘patriarchy’ and ‘toxic masculinity’, and weakness of spirit stemming from a lack of clearly defined values and goals.
Recovering Man exists to start a fightback.
The pervading orthodoxy of the day may reject strong empowered men, yet this is an incredible opportunity.
The time is ripe for a new man. A man with the grit, discipline, determination and moral virtue of old, with the imagination, creativity, and worldliness of today.
The modern man should sit between the archaic bully and the modern wimp, striving for his life, channelling disciplined alpha energy.
Written by men in recovery from addiction who are hungry to chart a new path on our own terms, we welcome you to join this movement, seek meaning and balance in your own soul and take up your role as a true masculine spirit, bringing power, passion and progress to your existence.

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Meaning of Life, Viktor Frankl